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Light at the end of a long and often arduous tunnel

Following a car accident I had seven years ago, my injuries included several bodily fractures but I predominantly acquired brain injury. I was in a coma for five weeks and thereafter in hospital for a further seven months.

My rehabilitation needed to be extensive. My brain injury left me cocooned in a place where I had to learn how to live again, to sit, to stand, walk and even talk.

After leaving hospital, life for me was very isolated. I was limited with my physical disabilities but my lack of self confidence and anxiety seemed to greatly hinder any progress I was making. My social network had suffered to virtual non-existence and I needed support to help my life return to normality.

Yippee! offered me just that!

Yippee! provides contact for us young adults, all of whom share a similar situation. It allows us to enjoy our independence with the security of having helpers there able to give support when needed.

Yippee! offers us members a light at the end of a long and often arduous tunnel

Thank you Yippee!


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